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At  present, I am a PhD fellow at the Department of Sociology and Political Science. Main focus of my studies is the region of former Yugoslavia, or particularlySerbiaand the way in which this country deals with the legacy of wars and war crimes. Therefor, questions related to transitional justice, ideological aspects of dealing with the past, national identity, dominant narratives etc. are dominant sphere of my interest.

Since I have media related academic background (B.A. in journalism and M.A. in Political Science-Communication) and especially since  the media are my first great scholar love, some of my post will  be devoted to media issues. The posts referring  the media won’t be a big diversion  from the main theme of this blog considering their (media) contribution to public understanding and critical reflection toward the past.

I worked as a media analyst,  as a journalist for a while, as a fitness instructor and as a bartender.

Sladjana Lazic



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