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Serbia-Kosovo breakthrouth: The first step towards making life easier for people

The EU-mediated talks between Belgrade and Pristina that started in March, have given the first result: Serbia and Kosovo agreed to cooperate on several practical issues that should make daily existence of Kosovo’s citizens a bit easier. The Serbian delegation, led by Mr. Stefanović , and Kosovo delegation, led by Ms. Tahiri agreed to recognize national identification cards and education diplomas issues by each state, thus making free movement of the people easier and opening possibilities for better access to jobs. The middle ground was also found in regard to sharing civil registry records and validity of Kosovo’s car registration plates so that from now on, cars with new registration plates will get a substitute on the Serbian border.

These talks were held in a way that does not prejudice the position any of the sides regarding the Kosovo’s independence, and that is clearly visible in different statements about the character of the agreement given by Ms. Tahiri and Mr. Stefanovic, as well as in Serbia’s Foreign Minister statement for Moscow-based daily. On the other side, former Minister for Kosovo and Metohija in Koštunica ‘s government Slobodan Samardžić described the agreement with the following words:

“Today’s agreement with representatives of the illegal state of Kosovo represents a flagrant violation of the Constitution of Serbia and of the Resolution 1244 and as such constitutes a flagrant violation of legal documents on which rests the sovereignty of Serbia,” Samardzic said.


About Sladjana Lazic

I am a PhD student of Political Science manly focused on dealing with the past and nationalism, but with great interest in new media and changes of journalistic practices (and media) triggered with the expansion of Internet and ICTs


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