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Ratko Mladic arrested

Approximately an hour ago President of Republic of Serbia, Boris Tadic confirmed that the most famous fugitive Ratko Mladic has been arrested in a village Lazarevo near Zrenjanin. Asked why Mladic was not arrested five years ago, Tadic added that there will be an investigation about that, and if the investigation proves that people from the Government or state structures were responsible for interferences with that process, they will be prosecuted as well. Tadic also said that Mladic would be extradited to the United Nations war crimes tribunal but did not specify when, only saying that “an extradition process is under way”.
Mladic, the wartime Bosnian Serb military chief wanted, among other things, for genocide in Srebrenica, shelling of Sarajevo, severe violations of the Geneva Convention, violation of law and customs of war, was arrested this morning in the already mentioned village near Zrenjanin under name Milorad Komadic. Mladic was indicted by the Hague Tribunal in 1995 but was able to avoid arrest up to now. This arrest should be understood in a broader political context and a serious international pressure from the European Union. The EU conditionality was present from 2000 but despite the pressure the post 2000 political leaders in power apparently were not able or did not dare to make a move against Mladic andn those who supported him. Only lately the pressure from the EU became very intense showing that no more concession to Serbia will be make. Serge Brammertz the chief UN war crimes prosecutor, complained earlier this month that authorities were not doing enough to capture him and other war crimes fugitives.

More on reactions from Belgrade later today…

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I am a PhD student of Political Science manly focused on dealing with the past and nationalism, but with great interest in new media and changes of journalistic practices (and media) triggered with the expansion of Internet and ICTs

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