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The role of the media

The War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević has announced that soon will be published a report on media role in Serbia during the 90’s. The report will be based on information that were revealed to the prosecution in the preliminary proceedings. Vukčević, who was one of the participants at Tuesday’s round table “The role of the … Continue reading

the Art of defending the fatherland

On 3th March in Belgrade died Momčilo Momo Kapor famous Serbian writer, painter and a journalist. He was known as a “writer in jeans” and creator of urban Serbian literature. He was also known as a war reporter for famous Belgrade daily Politika during the 90’s and a hard core nationalist very active during and … Continue reading

Banned promotion

On Saturday 27 February, Serbian police detained president of the local community Crvenka because he tried to organize unannounced promotion of Ljiljana Bulatović’s book, which we mentioned in one of earlier posts. As Belgrade’s B 92 reports, president of the local community Crvenka, Radonjić Hercen, was detained for more than three hours and as a … Continue reading


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