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Bosna srebrena

Dokumentary movie “Bosna srebrena  – marš smrti I slobode” is shown on TV B92 on the 2nd February. The author of the movie is Petar Ilić, director of photography Zlatko Milutinović and film editor Aleksandra Milovanović. Duration of the movie is 50:14 minutes. The movie was mainly made during the march from Nezuk to Potočari in July 2009. The movie combines interviews with the participants in the march, Dutch soldiers who were stationed in Srebrenica in the summer 1995, with Naser Orić, survivors of the march in 1995, politicians, religious leader, and international officials with the archive materials from 1995 and materials from the trials in the ICTY.

“March of Peace 2009 – Through death, to freedom” during which majority of the scenes for this movie were filmed, began on 8 July 2009 in the place Nezuk near to Sapna. More than 2500 participants and 150 journalists took part in this march. The march ended in Potočari on 11 July. This march became an integral part of the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in 2005. Participants of the March, which is an international event, during the three days walk 115 kilometers in memory of all those who walked the same route, but in reverse, trying to escape from Srebrenica and reach Tuzla. One part of the March’s participants walked over the course of Žepa to Potočari in order to commemorate the fall of Žepa enclave.

The movie captures the moments from the late afternoon of 11 July 1995 when Ratko Mladić and his officers took a walk through the empty and destroyed streets of Srebrenica up to the Karadžić trial in the ICTY. This film was shown in Serbia during the debate on adopting a Declaration which would condemn the Srebrenica massacre, thus B92 once more took part in an attempt to start the debate about the war crimes and legacies of the nineties.

(You can see the movie here in Serbian and English version here).


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I am a PhD student of Political Science manly focused on dealing with the past and nationalism, but with great interest in new media and changes of journalistic practices (and media) triggered with the expansion of Internet and ICTs


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  1. English language version – Bosnia Argentaria

    Posted by Owen | March 13, 2010, 1:14 pm

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