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Bosna srebrena

Dokumentary movie “Bosna srebrena  – marš smrti I slobode” is shown on TV B92 on the 2nd February. The author of the movie is Petar Ilić, director of photography Zlatko Milutinović and film editor Aleksandra Milovanović. Duration of the movie is 50:14 minutes. The movie was mainly made during the march from Nezuk to Potočari … Continue reading

Statehood and Army day

Serbia is celebrating Statehood and Army day. Today’s celebrations mark two dates and events from the past. One of them is 15. February in 1804 when the uprising against the Turks, led by Djordje Petrović Karadjordje, began in Orašaca and the other one is the same 15. February but in 1835 when country’s Constitution was … Continue reading

It must be said clearly

It has been a month since President Boris Tadić proposed that Serbian parliament adopt a resolution condemning the genocide in Srebrenica. In order to avoid, as it was explained to the Serbian public, that parliament allocate “collective guilt” Tadić also supported the idea of a separate resolution condemning war crimes committed against Serbs. In the … Continue reading


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